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Mainline Web Design is based in Ontario, Canada and services the world.

Full Web Design services including videos, forums, photo galleries, blogs, graphic design, flash, online stores and most importantly search engine optimizing.  With Web Designers with over 10 years of experience and top hosting services, its easy to see why we are on top.  You don't want your business or ideas left behind.  Choose us for all your Web design needs.  With Mainline Web Design we make your website successful and not just another site with billions of others.

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SEO HelpSEO Help

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines are websites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Dogpile and many more.  It's about learning the algorithm.

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Website VideosWebsite Videos

In today's industry everything is going video.  People want to be able to visualize things.  Including products being used, how to videos, or other types of videos that help website succeed.

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Website Hosting
What is hosting?
Hosting is a service which allows you to put your website online.  Hosting can be very important. Unless your site is just a personal site. If your site is important then click for services.
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What are domain names?
Domain names are your .com's, .us, .ca, .tv. .info, etc.  For example

What is .com?
Well .com means commercial its the most recommended because its most well known.

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